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Do You Love to Dance?

Are you a young but experienced dancer looking to take your dance career to a higher level?

Come dance with Heritage Works, in partnership with Deeply Rooted Dance Theater, as they host auditions for their Two-City Summer Intensive on Saturday, January 13th from 1-5 PM and Sunday, January 24th from 1-6 PM. They have classes offered for children and adults ages 13-24, so there is truly something for everyone! Guest artists, Kevin Iega Jeff & Nicole Clarke-Springer are also coming to Detroit to collaborate with us this year!

Heritage Works was founded in December of 2000 as African Dance Works. From the start they worked to preserve and showcase the African heritage, and illuminate relationships between American and African traditions. Their original focus was primarily dance and related art forms. They've since expanded their focus, and taken the name Heritage Works. With their new name comes a wider scope of cultural programming, which includes the traditions and the arts of Africa and the Diaspora.

Heritage Works promotes youth, family, and comprehensive community development through cultural arts, traditions, and education. Their programs encourage personal and artistic excellence by promoting cultural understanding, skill and character development, physical fitness, and cultural fluency. They are looking for dancers and young artists who are ready to spend an extended period of time broadening their dance vocabulary, gaining performance experience, and/or honing their technique.

Who Can Audition:

Young artists ages 13 -16 can audition for the following:

The Heritage Works Junior Intensive
The Deeply Rooted Dance Theaters Youth Intensive

Youth and Young adult artists ages 17-24 can audition for the following:
Heritage Works Summer Ensemble Intensive
The Deeply Rooted Dance Theater's Pre-Professional Intensive
The Heritage Works and Deeply Rooted's Two City Intensive

The intensives are a basic introduction to dance and music through age appropriate instruction and have proven to spark interest in continued dance and music studies, as well as build brain power. This program has proven to build coordination, develop spatial awareness, improve self esteem and confidence and encourage physical fitness.

If you want to take your training experiences to new levels, broaden your horizons, or tighten your skills...REGISTER TODAY!

How Can You Register? First, decide that a dance intensive is for you. Next, click the corresponding link below to register for either the January 13th or 14th audition, submit your information and pay your fee. Note: The January 14th audition is hosted by ArtLabJ. You will be taken to ArtLabJ's website to register. Last, prepare yourself for your audition, and be ready to give your all to the judges and learn as much as you can from the audition experience. If you are READY for us, we are READY for you!


Boll YMCA | 1401 Broadway, Detroit MI 48826
Youth Ages: 13-16, 17-24 | $20 Audition Fee

SUNDAY, JANUARY 14, 1:00 PM TO 6:00 PM
International Institute | 111 E. Kirby, Detroit MI 48826
Youth Ages: 13-16, 17-24 | $60 Audition Fee

  • Heritage Works and Osborn ArtsHeritage Works is a proud member of the Osborn Arts Center. Located 13560 E. McNichols on the ground floor of the Matrix Human Services, this program provides 5 days of after-school art activities--dance, visual arts, theater, and poetry for Osborn youth. Other member organizations include the College for Creative Studies, InsideOut Poetry, Our Children Count, and Mosaic Youth Theater.

    Heritage Works provides classes on Mondays from 4:30-6:15 P. This dance program is free, open to youth and their families, and focuses on Guinean and Senegalese movement traditions. The Osborn Arts Center is supported by the Skillman Foundation.

  • Heritage Works at Center for Music & Performing Arts SW (COMPAS)Heritage Works is proud to be a member of the Center of Music and Performing Arts SW (COMPAS). COMPAS members include both Detroit arts organizations and artists, including Living Arts, Mosaic Youth Theater, PG Institute, TABCAT, and La Chispa & Co. Initiated by the SW Business Development Association, the mission of COMPAS is to celebrate the cultural traditions of SW Detroit, showcasing and strengthening Latin culture through performing arts.

    For more information, contact 313-438-2800

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