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The Intersection of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. where two stories collide to create a whole new story
 - believe in dreams - inspire hope - create love & respect-


Welcome to Intersections Park Online!    (Download Park Map)

These pages were created to be the online companion to Intersections Park.  This pocket park at the corner of Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks Boulevards was transformed through the team effort of North Corktown community members and students at Burton International School. Our hope is the pages dedicated to Intersections Park help you learn more about of all the different parts within the park. All of the pieces in the park were chosen to honor the contribution of King and Parks to the civil rights movement and build the community’s understanding of what their work means to all of our lives today. Click on the images below to learn all about each element of the park.


“I would like to show other people that you can make a change just from small things.”

Burton School Creative Writing Student


“Our goal is to create a beloved community and this will require a quantitative change in our souls as well as a quantitative change in our lives.”

- Community Design Meeting Participant


“To me the significance of this place, its very nature, being a park, clearly denotes airy space and sunshine. To come to this place is the fruition, “having arrived in the sun.” The long, dark, and frequently frightening and fearful places along the dusty road and in the woods, and swamps have now given way to brightness, sun, warmth, smiles and laughter. There is no longer frightening, shivering and fearful tension. This space is inviting and showers those here with hope and joy. Accumulation of the long journey that bursts forth from within these share and care for one another, the brilliance of brotherhood and of solidarity and of compassion for each other shines forth this day and every time we come to this place.”

- Burton International School Student